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With Chris Cook | September 23, 2015

Source: Gorilla Radio

Images of a child, a war refugee washed up dead on a Turkish beach, elicited outrage and condemnation around the globe. Little Aylan Kurdi drown, along with his older brother and mother, when the precariously overloaded boat they bought passage to Greece on foundered and sank. It’s an increasingly common story, but the reaction to this particular case was extraordinary. In Canada, the ill-fated Kurdi’s figured in on-going election coverage, with opposition parties using the tragedy to shame and embarrass the government of Canada’s immigration policy regarding the Syrian diaspora. But did the media miss the mark? Canada’s immigration policy is indeed shameful, and worthy of condemnation, but how much has that to do with Syria, or the wars various parties in Parliament support? Sozan is with No One Is Illegal, Vancouver, Coast Salish Territories the quote: “[G]rassroots anti-colonial migrant justice group… a movement for self-determination that challenges ideology of immigration controls…[and] combat[s] racial profiling, detention and deportation, the national security apparatus, law enforcement brutality, and exploitative working conditions of migrants.” She’s one of the volunteers working on NOII’s newly launched, Never Home: Legislating Discrimination in Canadian Immigration, project.